Philosophy and Popular Culture

Many people are surprised to learn that philosophy and popular culture are interested in each other. A familiar perspective is that philosophy is a very remote, abstract and “high brow” activity whereas popular culture is perceived as being “low brow”, lacking in serious content, commercially driven and designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. There is an element of truth in both these impressions, but as with so many things, an element of truth can exist side by side ...

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Philosophy and the Modern World – Introduction

Modern Society: the Context of Philosophical Counselling

One of the most important factors we need to keep uppermost in our minds when we engage in philosophical counselling – as counsellor or as client – is the larger social context which we inhabit but which to a great extent has also shaped us. We often hear about the nature/nurture debate in child development or discussions about cultural differences and multiculturalism. To what extent are we shaped by nature; our biological ...

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