Dr. Brendan O’Byrne


Dr. Brendan O’Byrne has been teaching philosophy at Trinity College Dublin for 20 years. He wrote his doctoral thesis under Professor John M. Dillon on the topic of Martin Heidegger’s life-long engagement with Plato. Although originally specialising in ancient Greek philosophy, he has also been strongly committed to various interdisciplinary projects as well as some issues in contemprary philosophy. His interests extend to phenomenology, philosophy of technology, philosophy of education, philosophy of architecture, the critique of consumerism and an analysis of modern life.

He has been a keen advocate of taking philosophy beyond the walls of academe for many years now and has worked with non-academic groups and individual in workshops, seminars and counselling situations, both in Ireland and abroad. Apart from purely academic writings, he has published a number of essays aimed at the non-academic reader on topics ranging from consumerism, technology and architecture. He is currently writing a book about philosophy and consumerism arising out of a number of public talks and essays over the last four years.